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Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Jalan Sri Wedani No 1 Yogyakarta
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2 / 2008 (April -- Juni )

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                     The building has been since at least the reign of the first king of Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengku Boewono  I (born 4 August 1717; coronation 13 February 1755; died 24 March 1792).  This information has its source in a report on the building, referred to as "ex-Militair Societeit building", kept at the provincial office of heritahe preservation. It was said in the report that in the past the building, located to the east of Rustenburg Fort known today as Vreedeburg Fort, was called Societeit de Vereenging.

In the Dutch colonial era, it was a recreation facility for the members of the Dutch military force living in the nearby areas known in the past as "Loji Besar" and "Loji Kecil". On weekends and special days, say Queen Wilhelmina's birthday, various shows would be given here. They include, for instance, magic, play productions of Sampek Eng Thay and Hamlet, and concert. Ballroom dancing and fencing exercises were also among the activities taking place here.

With the arrival of the japanese in 1942, the Militair Societeit building was taken over by Kenpetei, the Japanese military police. When the japanese military was defeated and Indonesia declared  its independence in 1945, the building was used as the headquarters of the Indonesian military police.

The main part of Militair Societeit building measures 42.15 by 11.25 meters in the form of a hall. The original architecture of this hall has been maintained until today. The latest rehabilitation of this building was done under a renovation project covering the areas of Malioboro and Yogyakarta Palace.

After the renovation, completed in 1996, the Militair Societeid was transferred  by the Directorate General of Culture at the department of Education and Culture to the provincial office of cultural and tourism affairs. The name was changed into Sosited Theater Building. The current name was regarded suitable to signify its functions in relation with the tasks of developing art and cultural life in the province.

Next to it is the Concert Hall of the capacity for a 1200 person audience. The theater is on the second floor, below which is an art exhibition hall. The concert hall marks the beginning of the phase by phase realization of a master plan for an integrated cultural center. Following the establishment of the Concert Hall was that of a library and an amphitheater to be followed by an art gallery, a small theater, and guesthouse.

The location of Taman Budaya Cultural Center in the 'groud zero' area of Yogyakarta, immediately neighboring with the Vreedeburg Fort in the west, is highly strategic. Tp the north of the center is Pabringan Street separating it from the legendary Pasar Beringharjo traditional Market. To the east is Jalan Sriwedari Street and on the south is Panembahan Senopati road. all this makes the center, and with it the Sositet Theater Building, easily accessible.


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